7 Ways To Contact People To Remove Bad Backlinks

contactOnce you’ve identified a link you want to remove from your site you’ve only faced half the battle.  Now it’s time to contact the person who owns this site and have them remove it.

This may sound easier than said because their can be a lot of obstacles that may hold you back. Whether you are someone who has been doing this for a while or a beginner it can be hard to find ways to contact people and ask them to remove a link.

So I put this definitive guide together including pictures to help you contact these people and get rid of the bad backlinks.

With that said let jump in…


#1 Use Their Contact Page

The first place to start is to use the contact page on the site you want to remove the links from.  Almost all websites should have a contact page to email them through.

From here I will send them my standard email templete along with the exact links I want them to remove.  You can check out my email template here to see exactly what I send to someone I want to take down a link.

However their are a few problems that you may face when using their contact page that you should know.

  • Abandoned Sites.  First, if a site has been abandon they may not check the email address that they have attached to that contact page.   I faced this issue with a lot of the links I’ve been trying to take down.
  • Email Account Closed.  The second problem is that you may receive a mailer demon response.  This basically means that this email no longer exist.
  • Contact Form Is Broken.   Another common problem I see is that the contact form they are using is broken.  A good example of this is when a site uses a captcha to block spammers.  However when sites get abandon they neglect to update these plugins and if they are broken they won’t work.
  • No Contact Page.  Finally, the site may not have a contact page.  It’s strange but I’ve come across a lot of sites that actually did not have a contact page or in some cases went through some great lengths to hide these pages. In any case this present a big problem as well.

In the remaining sections of this article I will show you some uniqe ways you can go about tracking these people down and getting a hold of them.

#2 Try A URL Extension

As I mentioned in the last section some people will make it hard to find the contact page on their site.  This is where you need to get a little creative and one thing I do is try the URL.  Here is what I mean.

A lot of people that don’t have a contact page may still have have one and an easy way you can look for it is to try typing the typically keyword people might use at the end of their URL.

Here are a few ideas you can try.





These are just a few ideas I’re tried in the past and have a had luck with, if you know of any other idea share them in the comments below.

#3 Do A Search

Another way I go about finding contact information is to do a search on the site I’m on.  If the site has a contact page this should bring it up. Below is an example of what I mean.


However not all sites have a search box on them and in this case you can use Google to help you out with this.

Simply go to Google and type in the name or the URL of the site + the word contact.  Below is an example of exactly what I mean.


If you don’t find a contact page with either of these ideas don’t worry I have several more ways for you to contact someone.

#4 Use WhoIs.net

The next option to consider is using a site called WhoIs.net.  This is a site that allows you to see who actually owns the domain.  This includes the persons name, address, phone number, and even their email address.

To do this go to WhoIs.net and type in the website URL.


Once you’ve typed in the URL you should see  page that looks something like a long list of information.  However in my case I usually just want to know the email address of the registrant and admin.


One of the downsides to that not all domains will show this information if they are using Who Is Guard.  This allows people to hide this information.  In this case you won’t be able to see any details.  All you will get is what you see below.



Another issue that you may come across is that if a domain name was bought through GoDaddy they may require you to go through a few more steps.  Below is what you will see if you come across a site that has bought their domain name through GoDaddy.


From here simply highlight the link I pointed out and copy and paste it into your browser and hit enter.  From here you will see a page that looks like the one I have shown below.


From there simply fill out the captcha section out and on the next page you should see the account information.  However I should also mention that the registrant can still have this information blocked.

#5 Check The About Page

Another place I’ve looked to find contact details is on a site About Page.  This is usually a hit or miss thing but I’ve had some luck there in the past.  Some people may list their email address, or even a contact form.

To do this simply skim through their about page and see if you any of these things are listed there.

#6 Check Their Terms Of Service

Another place to look is the terms of service section on a website.  All sites typically have a privacy policy, a disclaimer page, and an FTC disclosure page.

As a result these pages may have an email address located on them.  This again isn’t a guaranteed but it’s worth a shot to try.

After all if you look at my disclaimer page on personal finance blog you will see a link to my contact page.  The reason this is there because the disclaimer template I used required me to include this.

So If you are looking for a way to get a hold of someone give this idea a try.

#7 Go Social

The final option to consider is looking at their social media profiles.  I leave this as the last option because this can be the most time consuming option. I say this because contacting someone via email is a lot more direct where social media may not be.

You might be someone who checks their Facebook page all the time but the person you are contacting may not be.  However if you have exhausted all of your other efforts this is another option to consider.

To do this I recommend looking at Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus as the three best options to finding and contacting someone.


Twitter.  I personally prefer starting with Twitter first.  Below is an example tweet I would send someone.

Tweet_Link_RemovalIf you notice in the tweet above I started with @StumbleForward  because this will make the tweet private and the only people who will be able to see it is you and the person you are sending it to.


Google Plus. The second option is to try Google Plus.  Simply click on the message box and add your message.

Quick Tip:  Make sure you select the name of the exact person you want the message to go to as you can see in the picture below, this will make it private between the both of you.



Facebook. The final option is to go to Facebook. To do this go to the Facebook page they have set up for their website.  These pages are typically available to the public unless it is a private Facebook group.

Next click on the About Tab on their page and you should see something like I have below.


What’s great about this is that some people may list their email address which makes it easy to contact them.

Quick Tip:  Don’t post a message in their timeline.  These can be seen by the public and people may not appreciate this.  It’s best to keep this as private as possible.  This is why I recommend email whenever possible.

What To Do If You Can’t Find Contact Info

At this point if you’ve tried all the ideas I’ve shared with you above and you still can’t find any contact information the next step would be to add this person to your disavow list that you will submit to Google.

When it comes to this report it’s good to be as detailed as possible and let them know you couldn’t find any contact information.  Doing a disavow tells Google not to count the link.

It’s not the end of the world if you can’t find their contact information but as long as you tried they know you are putting some sort of effort towards removing these bad links.

Do you know of any other ways to contact someone and remove bad backlinks?